The Best Christmas Presents for the Biker in your Life

santa-bikerEvery motorcycle owner likes their ride to look good. We would rather be riding than cleaning. Be it your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, father or mother, if they ride, they need an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer for Christmas. We assure you as bikers ourselves that the special biker in your life will love their motorcycle dryer. And the best part is that they will remember seeing it in their motorcycle retailer for over $230.00. We promise we won’t tell them that you purchased it from us for $122.77They will love you for your thoughtfulness and for buying them the best motorcycle dryer made in the USA. Then take the $100 you saved and buy yourself a present!
For the really picky biker, we suggest our new XP model. More powerful and a bit easier to use with the shoulder strap system. A great deal at only $139.77.

Order in time for Christmas and we guarantee delivery on time.

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