How to Wash Your Motorcycle

Everyone has their own special way to wash their bike. Some will swear by certain chemicals or techniques. We at Air Shammy motorcycle dryer believe in keeping it simple and not complicating the job.

Here are our suggestions for washing, drying and detailing your motorcycle:

1. Remove all parts that are easily detached – windshields, T-bags, etc. Clean these items separately.

2. Pick a good location for starting your washing. Good drainage, within 10′ of an electrical outlet for your Air Shammy motorcycle dryer.

Hint: We use our Air Shammy motorcycle dryer to blow off dust and dirt before we even begin washing. This prevents us from possibly scratching our paint during washing from dirt particles.

3. We are sure that there are a lot of good washing solutions out there. We use a simple solution that was made for cars.

3. Whenever possible, wash your cycle in the shade. This will give you some time to dry it off without the concern for water spots forming. Secondly, waxing is easier when you are not battling the sun also.

4. Use lots of water to rinse your bike off and loosen any dirt or grime that may be on it, in it, or under it.

5. Use a very soft large sponge or a sheepskin mitt (these are really soft) and use lots of suds to wash your bike. Be careful not to rub the sponge too hard since you may be micro-scratching your paint with any dirt particles in the sponge. Therefore, rinse the sponge out frequently to clean it.

6. Rinse your bike off with lots of water. Be sure to get the soap suds out of every area.

Motorcycle Drying

1. Well, yes you guessed it, you need an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer to do this job right!

2. Starting at the top of the bike (ape hangers, mirrors), blow the water off the bike using an up and down motion. The idea is to be sure that, as you work your way down the bike, that water continues to be removed from the bike.

3. Use your Air Shammy dryer on every part of your motorcycle – wheels, motor, paint, chrome, leather.

Motorcycle Detailing

All the water is now off, the paint and chrome look good. We have found that if we use some one-shot wash/wax solutions, then we can Air Shammy our cycle and it leaves a just-waxed finish.
More details on this section will follow. Bookmark us and check back!

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