How NOT to Dry Your Motorcycle

How Not to Detail Your Motorcycle!

Some people have told me that they use an air compressor and see no need to purchase an Air Shammy dryer for their bikes. As an engineer who has designed seals for pumps and components, I can tell you that using an air compressor is the worst thing you can use. The pressure coming out of an air compressor is so great and so concentrated that you can actually push water under a gasket and by an O-ring. You can put water where water should never be. Like in your wheel bearings or under a chrome cover. Water there will contribute to rust and rust is no good for your bike. And water in your wheel bearings is dangerous. Secondly, air compressors can shoot out oil and wet air. Who wants oil on their paint? As an engineer, my advice is to NEVER use an air compressor on your bike. $122.77 for an Air Shammy dryer seems reasonable now doesn’t it?

Recently, I found a post on a biker website that said we trashed our competitors product because it put out too much pressure. Wrong! What we warn you against is using an air compressor to blast the water off your bike. Personally, we think our competitors make fine products – as long as you like them priced at $230.00 or made in China!! (Hey we had to tell you that!)

Bottom line – DO NOT USE AN AIR COMPRESSOR TO REMOVE WATER FROM YOUR MOTORCYCLE! Ok, now that we have that clear, don’t spend another minute drying when you could be riding!

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