Like you, I love to ride. But I hated the hassle of cleaning my bike for the ride. When I am ready to ride, I don’t want to spend a lot of time drying off my bike. The biggest issue was the water that got into the engine area. There was no easy way to get it out. It just puddled up in areas I couldn’t get to or even see. As an engineer, I love problems. Coming up with a solution that didn’t break the bank was my plan. I saw the other motorcycle dryers on the market, the “blasters” that do the job but take up to $230 out of your pocket. If I am going to blow $230 on my bike, it will be for some chrome, and not for a blower designed by a vacuum cleaner company.

Yeah, I know what you are thinking. Why didn’t I get “Pebbles” to wash and dry the bike? Well, like me, she loves to ride but hates the hassle of drying off the bike.

So Air Shammy was born. I made the first one for myself and Pebbles and we were so impressed with the way it dried my bike, that we decided to sell them to all bikers. All the components that make up the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer product were selected for their quality. We could have used cheaper materials, but remember that I was making this for me first. Friends say I should charge $149.99 to $230.99 for the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer. (Of course, these are the same friends that wanted one for free!). But we decided to market it for $122.77 with Free Shipping. Pebbles loves a good deal and the best motorcycle dryer for $122.77 is a good deal. It won’t break the bank of Bedrock and we aren’t losing money either. Since we are factory-direct, we eliminate both the distributor and dealer markups. You save the money they would make.

As a biker myself, I see too many overpriced products for my bike. I am sure you do too. Air Shammy will never be one of those products. Our motorcycle dryer will always be the best value in the industry – with the best power and features that you want, backed with a warranty you can believe in, and always Made in the USA. Give it a try. I am sure you will agree that our motorcycle dryer is the best value in the industry. If you can find a better deal on a motorcycle dryer in the industry, buy it!

The Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer is a product of Carelli, LLC – a privately owned company located in Kentucky, USA.

In August of 2009, we introduced two new dryers – our XP model and our Export model. These new models offer worldwide performance and extra power for those of you who just have to have the meanest and most powerful dryer ever made for a motorcycle!
In October of 2011, we included Free Shipping and No Handling Charges for all domestic USA customers.

Thank you for considering our motorcycle dryers for your ride.