Are the Air Shammy motorcycle dryers safe for my custom paint job?

Yes-all our dryers are designed with a custom molded, anti-marking, soft nozzle assembly. in fact, all the parts used that could come into contact with your paint are molded from soft materials.

Are the Air Shammy motorcycle dryers safe to use around a wet bike?

We have designed many electrical components that require UL listing due to their use around water. We know safety. Unlike the metal can units on the market, Air Shammy motorcycle dryers are made from advanced polymer materials that provide anti-shock and double insulation from the electric blower motor. Additionally, the power cord is rated for outdoor duty.

Is there a warranty offered on the Air Shammy motorcycle dryers?

We have increased the warranty on all new Air Shammy motorcycle dryers from one year to two-years.  Our warranty is simple – If it doesn’t work, just return the product to us and we will send replace the component that is defective – even if that is the entire motor assembly!  No one have a better warranty on a dryer.

Why do you have only one attachment nozzle?

We tested numerous nozzles and attachments before deciding on what we were going to offer with our Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryers. Frankly, nothing works as well as a simple nozzle design which concentrates the air flow into pressure. It is this pressure which gets the water off the bike fast. The rest of the attachments are like the ones with vacuum cleaners – pretty but useless.