Cycle Drying Thoughts from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer

Someone once said “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window.” We agree with that. Maybe only a dog knows why we spend a ton of money on our cycles, spend hours of time online looking at chrome and accessories for our bikes, and think everything always looks better in leather. Many of us have convinced our kids and grandkids that “chrome” is a primary color. Every kid, at one time or another, put a playing card in their spokes because it made a lot of noise. Then we all grew up. Now we just replace our factory-approved DOT pipes with aftermarket “noise” makers. We justify this and say “well now they can hear me coming.”

dogs-on-bikeI think it is just that little kid in us wanting to make more noise. Adult toys are always so much more expensive than kid toys. And just like that kid in us riding down the street with that playing card rapping on our spokes, today we still polish up our bike, don our leathers, drop the shades from our head and ride on down that same street. Think about that next time you ride.

Our cycle dryer is made for that kid in you. That kid who still wants to make noise, raise a ruckus, have the wind in your face and try to keep the bugs out of your mouth. When you are ready to ride, nothing will help you to make that bike look good faster than an Air Shammy cycle dryer. Motorcycle owners are a special breed. While on the outside we are doctors, lawyers, managers, white collar workers and blue collar workers, inside we desire to be independent and free. When we are riding, we can let that side of us out. It is just us and the road. The freedom that riding gives us only underlines the freedom we have as Americans. That freedom when we feel the wind in our face.

To all those guys and girls who understand what I am talking about, and those that spend time washing, drying their cycle (with Air Shammy cycle dryer of course!), putting on some wax and shining your bike up, we offer this quote from Paul Teutul, Sr. from American Chopper –
“You’re the guy that’ll be sneaking out of your bedroom at three o’clock in the morning to look at your bike.”

Yeah, only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window.

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