"Hi again this is Teresa. I spoke to you on the telephone and you answered many of my questions before I ordered the unit. Not knowing a thing about bikes let alone dryers, your words were educating. Fast forward, I gave the Air Shammy to my boyfriend on Christmas and he couldn't believe that I bought it for him. He said he "needed one of them and was thinking about buying one real soon." So it was a hit! I cant wait for him to use it and by the way, I told him about my research and how I educated myself on all the different units available out there. When I told him why I went with Air Shammy, he was looking at me with eyes of disbelief. He asked me where I learned all this stuff...you made me shine and the details on your web page .....that i memorized after reading it so many times, made me sound like I built the unit myself. Thank you for all you did and for producing an awesome item." Teresa (email)

Your Motorcycle Will Never Look So Good

Stop spending all that riding time drying off your bike. There is no faster and better way to dry off your motorcycle than an Air Shammy Motorcycle dryer. Our state of the art design blasts the water off your paint and chrome within seconds. Our heated-air dryer motor generates up to 300 MPH of warm air to get the water off fast and then dry off any remaining water drops. Our filtered-air motorcycle dryer makes sure that the air being blasted on your bike is clean and dry. The water is removed fast, and without the danger of shooting the water under gaskets, bypassing O-rings or into sealed bearings like an air compressor can. With the Air Sham
my motorcycle dryer, drying your bike is oil-free, dry, and filtered and therefore, safe for all custom paint jobs and expensive chrome. With the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer, you get touch free drying, heated-air drying,spot-free drying and quick-drying to get you back on the road.

Starting at $122.77 With Free Shipping

Air Shammy motorcycle dryers are the best value in the motorcycle industry. While comparable "blaster" units sell for $230.00 plus shipping charges, we have priced our motorcycle dryers starting at an affordable $122.77 price with FREE SHIPPING and no Handling charges. We can sell our product at this price because we have eliminated the distributor and dealer markups. You save over $100.00 buying direct from the factory. If having the best, Made-in-the-USA, motorcycle dryer is what you are searching for, then you are at the right place. Don't pay the distributor and dealer mark-ups simply for them to re-ship to you. Order your Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer today. With Air Shammy, your bike gets "Blasted" not your wallet! There is no better deal in the motorcycle industry than the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer!
We are proud to introduce our expanded line of Air Shammy motorcycle dryers. This includes our standard model, our new XP high performance model and our new export (50 Hertz) model.
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Your Satisfaction Guaranteed on Our Motorcycle Dryers

We guarantee that you will be pleased with how fast and completely the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer gets the water off your motorcycle that we will refund your money (within 60 days of purchase) if you are not completely satisfied!

* Continental USA only.

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