How to Buy a Motorcycle Dryer

Before you Buy a Motorcycle Dryer

One thing I have noticed about smart people is their shopping habits. Smart people typically evaluate four criteria when they spend their money. To them, everything is an investment. No one knows about an investment better than a biker. We have invested both time and money into our bikes. Therefore, the four things smart bikers will look for before they purchase are:

Best Quality in a Motorcycle Dryer

You want it to last; you want to know that your money was spent wisely and that shows in the quality of the product. I have found that the quality can be found in the small details. What kind of finishing touches were put on the product? Did the manufacturer do the big things right and the small things wrong? In our product, you will notice the black screws, nuts and washers we use to attach the rubber mounts. We could have used standard silver plated screws but then the product would not have looked as good. A cheaper handle would have worked just fine but it would not have looked as good or been more durable. We could have used blow-molded hose but then it would have cracked in about a year or two. We could have saved money and used a metal housing but then it would not have been as safe around water as molded polymer housing and after a few years, it would look old as the paint cracked and peeled. We could have used a shorter cord but then it would have meant that an extension cord connection could be in the wet area. All these decisions added cost to our product yet we made these decisions because we wanted to supply the best quality dryer to the motorcycle owner. Finally, we could have manufactured our motorcycle dryer in China and saved more money. Some of our competitors do this. They have to live with that decision. We chose to keep our manufacturing in the USA. To be able to mark our product “Made in the USA” is a thing of pride for us. We would rather be out of business than ship our manufacturing to China. Air Shammy motorcycle dryers are proudly made in the USA and will always be!

Best Performance in a Motorcycle Dryer

When you purchase a product, you want to know that it will perform the job that it was intended for. Does the product do what it says it will do? I always say that “the proof is in the pudding” which never made much sense to me (the actual quote is “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”) The true value of a product should only be judged when it is put to use. Was the product designed for performance or cost? We designed our motorcycle dryer to give the best performance –heated-air, touch-free, spot-free and fast drying -at the costing we had targeted. As design engineers, we know how to properly design components to hit a target cost while not sacrificing performance or quality. Our motorcycle dryer design criterion for performance was simple: To get you on the road as quickly as possible with a clean, dry bike. We achieved that without a doubt.

Lowest Cost in a Motorcycle Dryer

I used the term “cost” instead of “price” simply because cost means so much more. There may be a lower price on a product 50 miles away but if you have to drive 100 miles roundtrip to buy it, did you actually save money? Factor in the 2 hours of driving, gas cost, your time, and the use of your vehicle and it probably cost you more to get that lower price. One customer asked us why and how we could sell our motorcycle dryer $100 under the competitors same product. The answer was enlightening to him and it made sense. There are typically three markups on motorcycle parts that occur when you purchase a part or accessory from your retail parts dealer – either at a store or online. The manufacturer takes his profit; the distributor (the big motorcycle catalog companies) takes their cut; and finally the retailer gets his percentage. At Air Shammy, the only markup you see is from us –from our manufacturing. We do not use a distributor or a dealer network. We believe that they serve a purpose but it was our intention to sell direct to the motorcycle owner through the internet or through trade shows we display at .One mark-up saves you over $100. Personally, I have a problem with three markups when all they are doing is reshipping the product. We bring you the absolute lowest cost. You will not find a better designed, better made motorcycle product for $122.77 anywhere. However, if you feel bad about our low cost and would like to pay us $230 for an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer, we won’t turn you down!

Free Shipping on Motorcycle Dryers

We now offer free shipping and no hidden handling charges on our Air Shammy motorcycle dryers. We currently offer free shipping to the 48 continental USA and a nominal charge ($12.50) for Canada, Alaska and Hawaii.

Best Service in a Motorcycle Dryer

What is service? Some manufacturers believe this is simply getting the product to you. We believe it is being certain you are happy with the product and that it performs to your satisfaction. We believe that service is also taking care of it in the unlikely event that there is a problem, that you don’t have to fight or argue or pursuade the manufacturer to replace the product. That is service. Customer service is defined by the customer-not the manufacturer. We intend on exceeding your expectations because your satisfaction is important to our company.

Best Value in a Motorcycle Dryer

All these things add up to “Value” – the actual worth of a product or service. Before you purchase a motorcycle dryer from us, we want you to consider these points. After reviewing our website, you will be convinced that the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer is the best designed, highest quality, and best performance USA-made motorcycle dryer in the industryBuy an Air Shammy dryer today and see for yourself. And when you get off your bike at your local biker hangout, you will be strutting around as everyone admires your clean, spot-free ride. Go ahead and strut, you earned it.

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