Every Biker Dad Needs An Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer!

Biker DadI love this picture. To me, Father’s day means so many things. Memories of when I was a kid, throwing the football with my dad; fishing on a lake with him – he would always take a nap after about an hour on the lake. I never understood naps until I became a dad. Now I nap every chance I can get! Fortunately, my father is still around and kicking. God bless him. But now I am a father and damn – this is a hard job!

I do know one thing about fathers day though – Please do not get me more ties. They just don’t work well when you are trying to detail your bike! I want an Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer for Fathers’ Day!! Seriously though, if you really want to know why you should get your dad an Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer, we have all that information on our Gift page. To all the Fathers out there, I hope you have an awesome day and get something useful for Father’s day besides a tie! (But if you happen to get a tie, they do work good on cleaning wire spokes!).

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