My girl friend , bought the Air Shammy for me and I used it for the first time Yesterday(April26) and all I can say is ,what a time saver and after 45 years and 4 motorcycles,I no longer dread washing my New ’09 FXSTC! Thanks for a really great product at a very reasonable price!
Allan (4/09 email) (Another cool girlfriend!!)

Hi again this is Teresa. I spoke to you on the telephone and you answered many of my questions before I ordered the unit. Not knowing a thing about bikes let alone dryers, your words were educating. Fast forward, I gave the Air Shammy to my boyfriend on Christmas and he couldn’t believe that I bought it for him. He said he “needed one of them and was thinking about buying one real soon.” So it was a hit! I cant wait for him to use it and by the way, I told him about my research and how I educated myself on all the different units available out there. When I told him why I went with Air Shammy, he was looking at me with eyes of disbelief. He asked me where I learned all this stuff…you made me shine and the details on your web page …..that i memorized after reading it so many times, made me sound like i built the unit myself. Thank you for all you did and for producing an awesome item.
Teresa (12/28/08 email) (What a cool girlfriend!!)

Thanks Scott. Excellent service and communication. I hope you’re out making snowmen and snow angels. I was out riding Saturday. Went to Daytona about an hour from here.
Ken (Canada) (12/7/08 email)
(Gee thanks Ken, It was snowing here in Kentucky! Thanks for rubbing it in!)

You are the BEST! Thanks so much for all your help! I certainly hope that he will love it…..I sure spent alot of time on your website researching and reading what you have posted. I keep telling myself that as a fellow biker yourself, you know how picky guys would be about using anything that would ruin the bike! We experienced those drips that you talk about on your website, ourselves, this past week end! You think you have dried everywhere and then out of nowhere, water starts dripping!
We did have a nice, quiet Thanksgiving! Hope you and your family did too!
Happy Holidays!!
Julie (12/2/08 email)
(Guys picky? Only when it comes to our bikes!)

I did alot of research before seeing your dryer. i’m attaching a picture of my man’s bike-I think you’ll like it-a bit of “old school” !!
May you and your family have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
Cindy (Dave and his grandson are on our picture page!)