The best warranty begins with the best components and with American ingenuity, innovation, and engineered quality. We choose the components of our dryers to last for years and years. Like our spiral-wound commercial duty hose which is abrasion-resistant, crush-resistant and double-walled for superior crack-resistance.Our blower motor is equipped with thermal overload protection-a feature not found in other motorcycle dryers. This feature protects the blower motor from overheating. Without a thermal protector, their motor windings simply burn up. Our motor is also equipped with Class B winding insulation for the longest winding life possible.

warrantyTwo-Year Limited Warranty

For motorcycle owners who are purchasing a dryer for personal use, our Air Shammy dryer will last for years and years. There are two parts of every dryer that work all the time – the motor bearings and the motor brushes. Our bearings are top rated and sealed for life. Our motor brushes are composed of a specially formulated hard-carbon material for efficient electrical transmission and long life.
With all brush-motors, the life of the motor depends solely on how long you use it. For heavy users, we offer a low-cost rebuild program which compares in cost to the cost of a set of brushes from our competitors. However, in our rebuild program, we replace the entire motor!! Doing this gives you a new motor (NOT a rebuilt motor) with a new winding, new overload protector, new brushes and new bearings. Our two-year limited warranty covers everything except the motor brushes.   Our rebuild program is affordable and fast. We should have your dryer back to you within 7 working days. We will rebuild your dryer within 24 hours of receiving it at Air Shammy.

If you alter the power cord or disassemble the unit – sorry, that is not covered. Just use the Air Shammy Dryer as it was intended and its covered under our incredible amazing warranty!