Top Ten Things You Don’t Want To Do With Your Motorcycle

1. Never come to a stop without putting your foot down to balance you.
I have seen this happen once – it sure ain’t pretty!

2. Never attempt to take off when you haven’t removed your wheel lock.
Yikes, a buddy of mine did this once.

3. Never – I mean NEVER attempt a wheelie with your girlfriend on the back of your bike.
Or maybe this should be on the “How to dump your girlfriend and get away fast” list!

4. Never Leave Your Motorcycle Uncovered During a Storm.
I think this guy needs an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer

5. Never try to use your cell phone and ride at the same time.
Ok, Ok, I have tried this. It’s not very smart.

6. Never ride without your deer-approved helmet. Or at least be sure to detail your bike with our Air Shammy motorcycle dryer before riding so the deer can see your ride better! I love this video!

7. New try to do
donuts with your new Harley!

8. NEVER use just your front brakes to stop!!!

9. Never get off your bike and walk away without putting down the kickstand!

10. Never attempt to ride a bike bigger than you! Are those training wheels?

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