The Perfect Biker Present

Shopping for a Biker?

If you are on this page, you are shopping for a biker. Husband, boyfriend, son, wife, girlfriend or daughter. Here is all you need to know on one page:

Quality in a Motorcycle Dryer

Is the product you are buying a quality product? Does the company stand behind it? How is their customer service? These are all viable questions to ask before you buy. We did not and will not cut corners on quality. The quality of a product is the result of quality components and great engineering design. We stand behind each and every Air Shammy motorcycle dryer we make and are committed to taking care of our customers. The proof is in the pudding – even if our “pudding” is full of hot air!

Ease of Use of a Motorcycle Dryer

We designed it and use our Air Shammy regularly. The carry handle is heavy duty and the unit only weighs 3.5 pounds. Nothing is easier to use! Our new XP model features an extension tube that reduces bending over the bike and a carrying strap system for easier use.

Designed by a Biker

The best parts and accessories for bikers are designed by bikers. Can you imagine a biker designing products for Mary Kay? Just wouldn’t go over well would it? Bikers know what bikers want because we live it. We use our own parts and products. Only a biker knows what a biker wants in a product.
We first designed the Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer for our own bikes – a Harley and a custom chopper. We know the challenges of washing and detailing a bike because we do it ourselves.

We Guarantee that your Biker will Love it

Before you buy, isn’t it nice to know that the company you buy from assures you that your biker will love their Air Shammy motorcycle dryer or we will refund your money to you? No one has taken us up on this offer yet!! Bikers love to ride and they love to ride clean and dry bikes – and that is why they love the Air Shammy dryer!

Quick Shipment

We typically ship within 2-3 business days UPS. Once you have ordered, we will send you an acknowledgment via E-mail on our current shipping schedule (Give us a few business hours to confirm back with you). Once we ship, we will send you the UPS tracking number so you can track the shipment if you like. We ship in a plain brown box with only a “Made in USA” sticker on the outside. So no need to ship it elsewhere if you don’t want your biker to see what you ordered!

Free Shipping and No Handling Charges
We have free shipping to the lower 48 USA states with a nominal $12.50 charge for Canada, Hawaii and Alaska.


If you have any questions, check out the entire site. We have tons of pages and loads of information. We have tried on this one page to give you a summary of what you need to know before you buy any motorcycle dryer. If you have any questions beyond that, email us or call us.

Ready to Buy?

We use Paypal only. It is secure for you, they take all major credit cards, and it is safe for us too. You get a receipt as soon as your credit card is approved.
You can read about the technical stuff on the other pages if you like and we challenge you to find a better designed, better made motorcycle dryer than the Air Shammy. You can’t beat our factory direct price either – only $122.77. Compare this versus $180.00 to $230.00 units advertised on the web or the Harley model at $230.00 retail!

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