You just invested thousands of dollars in a new motorcycle. You want to ride it all the time but then you realize that you want it looking clean and good. Yeah, everyone wants that too. So you start to clean it and realize that detailing a bike can be the never-ending job.First you have to wash it, then dry it, then put on some wax. Buff it out good. Then you look at all that chrome and want it to shine. You were wishing you could trust your kids to help you out but you never let anyone ride your bike let alone touch it. You need help.

You need a short-cut but one that will still gives you that just-detailed look without possibly damaging your baby. You can feel the air in your face already, but still have an hour worth of detailing to do before you are satisfied with it.

Say hello to Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer! Our dryer will cut 50-80% of the time off your detailing. Nothing can get you on the road faster.

Touch Free Motorcycle Drying

The Air Shammy motorcycle dryer gives your bike Touch-Free drying of your paint,chrome and accessories. This eliminates the possibility of micro-scratching your bike with small, hard-to-see dirt particles still left on your paint or chrome after washing. With conventional drying, you may pick up dirt particles on the cloth and these may scratch your paint or chrome just like sandpaper will.

Touch-Free Drying is the ONLY way to keep your bike’s finish looking great.

Heated Air Motorcycle Drying

So many of you ask me “Does the Air Shammy motorcycle dryer have heated air?”. Well the easy answer to this is “Of course it does!”. But let me explain what I mean by that. We tested many blower/motor designs in order to engineer the best motorcycle dryer we could. One of our design goals was to provide warm – but not hot- air in order to dry away any water molecules that were left after the water has been blown off the surface. Some of the motors produced too much heat which would have potentially harmed your paint. Some produced too little air and then did not give us the warm air we were looking for.
As you read on, you will find out that another design goal was quick drying. So we had to balance warm air with quick drying. After a lot of prototype designs, we arrived at our present design which balances warm air with quick drying. Our Air is also filtered using two 20PPI foam filters (yes you can remove these and wash them). We did not want any stuff entering the blower and then being shot out at a high force onto the paint or chrome.

For you technical bikers, we warm the air to about 25 degrees F over ambient temperature (air temperature where you are using the blower). So you can see that the air is warm enough to do the job without harming your paint. By the way, if you are from Canada, I have no idea what that translates to in Celsius!

Some have questioned the heating of the air we do and want it to be hotter. Remember that you are drying water on a painted surface. An excessive amount of heat will not be a good thing for your expensive paint. The heat we gain comes only from the electric motor as the air passes over the motor before exiting the blower tube and nozzle. We do not use an auxiliary heater since this could cause the paint to bubble and damage. The 25 degree increase of air is from ambient temperature. If you are drying in the winter in 40F temperature, then you can expect about 65F coming out of the nozzle. Please allow 5 or so minutes for the motor to heat up and warm the air.

Spot Free Motorcycle Drying

Ever washed your bike only to see spots on your paint and chrome as you attempt to dry it quickly? I sure have. Air Shammy motorcycle dryers eliminates this issue because they actually “air wipes” the water off. With the engineered nozzle design and the perfect ratio of air flow and air pressure, water is blasted off and then air-wiped off your bike leaving an awesome spot-free finish.

Remember that spots are caused by water evaporating and leaving minerals behind. The faster you can remove the water from your paint and chrome, the less chance there is of leaving water spots behind. The Air Shammy motorcycle dryers are designed for this purpose. Nothing removes water faster and safer.

Quick Drying Your Motorcycle

The faster you can dry off your paint and chrome, the faster you can get on the road. Sometimes you want to spend an hour or two detailing your ride. Air Shammy dryers do the dirty work by getting all the water off fast. Now you can spend your time polishing that chrome or detailing your wheels. Looking at the engine to the right, what better way to get the water out of the fins, pushrods, and other areas but by blasting it out and then using the heated-air feature of the Air Shammy motorcycle dryers to eliminate any remaining water spots. When you want to ride fast, nothing gets you on the road with a clean ride faster than an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer!