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How to Buy a Motorcycle Dryer

Before you Buy a Motorcycle Dryer One thing I have noticed about smart people is their shopping habits. Smart people typically evaluate four criteria when they spend their money. To them, everything is an investment. No one knows about an investment better than a biker. We have invested both time and money into our bikes. […]

The Perfect Biker Present

Shopping for a Biker? If you are on this page, you are shopping for a biker. Husband, boyfriend, son, wife, girlfriend or daughter. Here is all you need to know on one page: Quality in a Motorcycle Dryer Is the product you are buying a quality product? Does the company stand behind it? How is […]

How NOT to Dry Your Motorcycle

How Not to Detail Your Motorcycle! Some people have told me that they use an air compressor and see no need to purchase an Air Shammy dryer for their bikes. As an engineer who has designed seals for pumps and components, I can tell you that using an air compressor is the worst thing you […]

How to Wash Your Motorcycle

Everyone has their own special way to wash their bike. Some will swear by certain chemicals or techniques. We at Air Shammy motorcycle dryer believe in keeping it simple and not complicating the job. Here are our suggestions for washing, drying and detailing your motorcycle: 1. Remove all parts that are easily detached – windshields, […]

How to Properly Wax Your Motorcycle

Why Should I Wax my Motorcycle? You can have the road dirt, dust, ultraviolet rays, rain soaked with smog and bugs attack your paint or attack a layer of wax. Which do you want? All that wax does is sacrifice itself instead of your paint taking the punishment. Think of it as semi-permanent SPF-40 protection […]