Model G220XP Motorcycle Dryer

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Our G220XP is our most versatile motorcycle dryer.  This is perfect for use on a motorcycle and on a car, boat, etc.  It features our XP motor design (31,000 FPM of warm airflow) as well as a unique shoulder strap for carrying over your shoulder.  A 5-foot hose is standard and is the perfect length since it will not drag on the ground when you are walking around your bike or car.  The XP also comes standard with our 19-inch extension tube which is perfect for standing up while drying your bike.  Us older guys don’t have the knees we used to have.  No bending over to dry your engine or wheel rims.  This dryer model also comes with our soft molded concentrator nozzle for safe drying of any paint or finish.

New for 2015, this dryer also comes standard with our unique pistol grip handle.  This features a swivel hose connector so that you never have to worry about the hose getting tangled.

Standard Features:

* XP high performance motor

* 14-1/2 foot power cord

* 19″ extension tube

* Pistol Grip

Options for the G220XP Motorcycle Dryer

1. Add a carrying handle for versatility in drying.

2. Upgrade to a 10 foot hose if desired.




Weight 288 oz
Dimensions 20 x 20 x 12 in


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