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Cycle Drying Thoughts from Air Shammy Cycle Dryer

Someone once said “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window.” We agree with that. Maybe only a dog knows why we spend a ton of money on our cycles, spend hours of time online looking at chrome and accessories for our bikes, and think everything always looks better in […]

The Best Christmas Presents for the Biker in your Life

Every motorcycle owner likes their ride to look good. We would rather be riding than cleaning. Be it your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, son, daughter, father or mother, if they ride, they need an Air Shammy motorcycle dryer for Christmas. We assure you as bikers ourselves that the special biker in your life will love their […]

What is “Peak Horsepower”?

The “Peak” Horsepower Game and Why We Do Not Play It The other day I received a call from a potential customer who was doing his research on motorcycle dryers before deciding which one to purchase. While some may not like people like this guy because of all the questions they ask, I personally enjoy having […]

Every Biker Dad Needs An Air Shammy Motorcycle Dryer!

I love this picture. To me, Father’s day means so many things. Memories of when I was a kid, throwing the football with my dad; fishing on a lake with him – he would always take a nap after about an hour on the lake. I never understood naps until I became a dad. Now I […]

Top Ten Things You Need if You Are a New Rider

1. Take a motorcycle safety class BEFORE you do something stupid. I took a CHP class in California years ago in order to get my license. I swear that 40% of the guys in that class has major road rash already. Of course, none of these guys were riding cruiser bikes, they were all Ninja […]